Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Is it MONDAY....again????

I promise you that if ever a Monday was repeated....today was the day! Work was crazy getting ready for a Flood audit & a HMDA exam....just craziness!

Then, I get home, and decide to work on Hercules' hair again....spent 2 hours & I'm STILL not finished!! This makes a total of 6 hours (2 by Jesse & 4 by me) and we're not done! It's insane how much hair & mats he has. I can NEVER let it get like this again. It's way to frustrating for him & us. Not to mention IMPOSSIBLE to get worked out!

Sigh....I'll be glad when this week is over & it's barely begun. Tomorrow is the Flood audit. I also need to finish up month end reports, barcoding the new loans for scanning, and other misc. catch up items. NOT fun!!

And all I keep thinking about is how much I wish I was in my DREAM job right now....I'd be working from home, teaching scrapbook classes, and making items for resale......ahhhhhhhhhh....nice dream...........I wonder if it will EVER come true???? I'm almost 32, and I've been in banking for 6 years....will I ever be able to have a job in the "industry"??? Scrapbooking industry, that is.....Hmmmmm....that dream isn't looking like it's going to become a reality anytime soon. So depressing....