Saturday, April 01, 2006

saturday ramblings's finally here. I slept in today, then dropped Angelica off at school. She's competing in the Solo/Ensemble Competition for Middle/Jr. High today....I hope she does as well as she did last nite when practicing!! She ROCKED!! I can't wait to hear from her, but they're not supposed to be back until after 2:00 this afternoon.

It started out so nice today. 75 degrees right now, but I think some storm clouds are movin' in. Hopefully it will pass quickly, cuz I wanna go outside & play with Hercs & Buddha!! But I don't want to get muddy, either!

I hate cleaning days, but that's what today is, so I better get it over with.

Did I clean today???? Of course not...I ALWAYS put that off! I start out with good intentions, but NEVER follow through!! What is wrong with me??? I'd rather be typing on the computer or scrapping a new LO or watching my tv shows or doing ANYTHING but what I NEED to do!

So, Lica called me with an update from the competition....she was almost crying & told me she got a 5, which is the LOWEST score possible....she was soooo upset about it. When I tried to be empathetic with her, she yelled, "April Fool's! I got a ONE!!!!" That little turd!! Yep, she got me good! I'm so proud of her, and I'm glad she earned her 1st medal in Band!!! Hopefully, that will be the 1st of MANY!!