Monday, January 08, 2007

another manic monday, i suppose

i know some people enjoy mondays...
the whole concept that it's the *beginning*
of something....but not me. i don't care for
mondays, becuz it means i have to go
back to a place i don't want to
now don't get me's not work itself,
it's the company i work for. but, with some
hard work & perseverance, i hope to
{BE} in a new place within the next year or two.
i've gotta do some calculating & we are
going to try to pay off as much debt as possible...
then i can pursue a career in something i am
extremely PASSIONATE about. yep, you guessed
it....SCRAPPING!! my dream job would either be
teaching classes, creating products, or simply
stocking the shelves of a store with scrappin' products! ;)

anyway, enough of that for now....i'm ready to enjoy
my monday evening watching wife swap & some of the
BCS National Championship football game between
Ohio State & Florida. should be a FUN evening!!

p.s. my journey to {BE} thinner has begun &
so far i've lost 4.5 pounds!! WOOHOO!!