Sunday, January 21, 2007

sunday already??

what??? it can't be true! not sunday already!!
oh well, time must roll on....and speaking of rolling...
the Show Me the Stash Challenge @ 3 Scrappy Boys
is rollllllin'! i've completed the 3 required layouts
for the week, but i hope to do at least 2 more to
max out. it's a tough challenge, even for someone
like me who's addicted to product!

it started out that you had to use at least TEN items
from a list of 15 & include them on your page....
now they've reduced it to 7 items after i completed
2 of my lo's. lol!

part of this contest is getting people to vote
for your layouts each if you'd like to
vote for me, please click on the links below.
the RULES:
1. you can only vote for EACH of my layouts ONE time
2. NO multiple votes from the same IP address for the same layout
3. voting must be completed BEFORE friday!
4. you do NOT have to register to vote!!

so, please take a moment & vote for me by clicking on the link, looking for the layouts with my name underneath them (SarahMartinez). Click on the picture & then vote by clicking on the 5 stars to the bottom right of each pic. :)

remember, you may vote for EACH layout ONE time! :)
thanx for your help!!