Monday, February 26, 2007

i'm still up

it's after midnight, and i'm still up...feeling icky!
i'll spare you all the details, but i have got some
sort of crud...upset tummy, stiff neck, headache,
coughing....the list of symptoms goes on & on & on....

so, i'm up becuz i can't lie down without hacking,
and it's all making me a little depressed.

i should be thrilled right now, becuz this is going
to be a busy week for me. i've got a huge project
due on wednesday @ work....i'm preparing to host
the STAMP-N-CROP at scrap-a-latte this coming weekend...
i'm meeting with a special person on sunday about
becoming a scrapping rep to some awesome companies....
and yet, here i sit, depressed & unable to sleep.

why is it that people involved with art & creative
outlets of expression.....poetry, music, scrapping...
all seem to go through moments of darkness? maybe
it's that if we don't experience these dark moments,
we won't appreciate the bright spots along the way.
it's like my soul longs for creativity....longs for meaning...
longs for purpose....longs for happiness. i think i need
to focus on all the great things in my life. so here goes...

*i am so very thankful for the man of my dreams
putting up with me for 16 years!
*i am thankful beyond words for my 3 children, who
have to suffer through life with a wacky mom like me!
*i am happy to have a scrapping office...a place of refuge
from my crazy, hectic life!
*i am grateful for being alive....being able to feel life as
i live it!
*i am HUGELY thankful for Jesus Christ, becuz
without HIM, none of us would have anything worth
living for!
*i am blessed to have a group of friends that i get
to "talk" to every single still amazes me
that i met a group of ladies online @ scrap-a-latte
& that now they are the ones i talk in....
day out. i find myself referencing them & their
experiences when i'm talking to other people. "well,
my friend jen....or my friend Carla....etc. etc." they really
are all my friends & i am so lucky to have them!

so now that i've been thinking *happy* thoughts,
i think i'll try to sleep. happiness is good for the soul,
the mind, and the body. maybe some positive thinking
will help my tummy settle! ;)