Thursday, May 24, 2007

*come on, get happy*

so, today i found myself saying "that
makes me happy" a here are
some of the random things that make
me happy....for the record... ;)

1. reading my friends' posts on scrap-a-latte :)

2. watching shear genius on
show i'm addicted to...uh, as of today ;)

3. snuggling on the couch with Baby Girl
when we're both sick

4. making money....not happenng lately :(

5. seeing lavender....yeah, you heard me...
when i see this light shade of yummy purple, i
feel delighted....butterflies in my
is just SO pretty!

6. oh, and seeing my blog view count go up!! :)

7. getting people to post on my bloggy, too! that
makes a girl feel real happy!


AliciainAsheville said...

Just wanted to make you happy and post on your bloggie! Great items you have listed!

Summer said...

I just love reading your blogs & postings! You always sound soo happy I can read your smile!

Shannon said...

OK...I totally have the Partridge Family song going through my head now...and visions of those little colorful birds cracking out of eggs! :) Give Baby Girl a big get well hug for me!! (and Logan!) ;)

Scrap-A-Latte said...

Here's to making your happy!!!

Lou said...

Lots of happy things here!!!