Tuesday, May 22, 2007

tuesday's child

so, here i am....sick again. ugh. daniela
is on the mend with her meds...although
it's a total nightmare getting her to take
them. if only someone could make a
liquid med that actually tasted good! what
a lifesaver that would be! :)

i'm sure i have bronchitis again, but i'm
gonna do the home remedy thing.....drink
plenty of water....rest....load up on vitamin
C.....etc. i'll let you know if it works!

my net surfing hasn't been very mobile
lately. by that i mean, i've been prowling
at the same sites day after day after day
lately. which, i must say, is totally okay,
becuz i'm really diggin' the spots i'm
landing....like http://onelittleword.blogspot.com/
and http://hamblyscreenprints.typepad.com/photos/hambly_dt_gallery/index.html
and http://soundsofscience.blogspot.com/!!

i am totally in love with the artistic style
of Kristina Contes right now....i've stalked
her blog for a while...but lately it's become
an obsession. i can't get enough of her layouts.
i totally wanna be her when i grow up! ;)

and, of course, i'll never stop landing at my
fave site of ALL time & for eternity....http://www.scrap-a-latte.net/

oh yeah.....life is GOOD!