Tuesday, June 05, 2007

day 2 of sbd

goodbye, cake
farewell, popcorn
so long, candy bars
you have only added temporary
satisfaction to my life &
long-term suffering!
i'm totally breaking up with you,
as my friend jen would say! :)

today i feel on edge, grouchy,
& a little out of sorts.

could be becuz:

1. i threw away the rest of daniela's
cake from her party.

2. we took her to see shrek 3 at the
theater today & i didn't have anything
except a diet coke!! *gasp* not even
one teensy weensy kernel of her popcorn!!

3. i haven't cheated once today!!!

who knew being so good could make
me feel so bad!! argh! but it's only
temporary...i will be so proud of myself
when i start seeing the results of my