Saturday, June 02, 2007

lightning strikes

so, tonite, we were in the middle
of a huge thunderstorm & being
the "storm-watchers" that we are...
i was standing out in the garage
looking at the rain blowing by us....
when all of a sudden- CRACK! - lightning
strikes close by! it scared everyone becuz
it was sooooo loud & bright! so, i go
back inside...check on baby girl (becuz she
came screaming towards me)...laughed
about it a little with jesse....went about
my business.

about 30 minutes later, jesse left for
work & right after he left, he calls me.
so, apparently, the reason the lightning
strike seemed so close & made this
enormous crackling sound....was becuz
it struck one of our trees!! GASP!

yeah, so like 1/2 of one of our LARGE
bradford pears is draped across our fence!!!
so, i tell him that since he had to go to work,
i would go move it for him. i go out there, all
prepared to be the hero...i am woman, hear me
roar....and realize there is no way in heck i can
move that thing....we're going to have to get
a saw & cut it into pieces for easier removal.
ARGH! so far our fence is still standing, becuz
fortunately the upper portion of the tree is
what's draped over the's not as heavy as
the rest of the we should be okay to
cut it up tomorrow.

now here's the really sick soon as i
realized that we would have to wait, i thought
to myself, "good. now i can get some pics before
we move it." GASP again!! LOL!! gotta document
everything, right??? good, bad, or ugly! ;)