Monday, June 04, 2007


what is sbd, you ask? it's the
south beach diet....i have to abbreviate
everything....guess my tongue (or fingers)
are too lazy to say the full name of just
about anything! ;)

today is our official start day of PHASE 1.
what is phase 1?? it's kind-of a purging
phase, designed to get you over the hump
of craving carbs & to give your weight-loss
a quick boost.

so, this week's meals will include.....
marinated flank steak
grilled chicken breast
lean pork chops
lean hamburger steaks
chicken salad
lean hamburgers (minus the buns, of course)

absolutely no fruit, sweets, breads, pastas,
grains, or carrots this week. wowzer. that
could be hard, but we're going to do our
best. the big key is going to revolve
around us NOT eating OUT!!! that is our
one HUGE weakness, and it will be helpful
to the wallet, as well as the waistline to
cut that out of our weekly routine! :)

so, i'll start journaling away & see where
this weight-loss journey takes me.....hopefully,
to a much smaller place. ;)


Scrap-A-Latte said...

I'm with you Sarah, we are going to be lean mean fighting machines!