Sunday, July 08, 2007

yet to accomplish

another blog challenge from my pal
carla at SAL....what ONE thing do you
want to accomplish in your life that you
haven't yet???

gosh, there are so many things. but
tonite, ONE thing stands out in my
mind. I want a BIG "wedding"
ceremony with all my family & friends!
and I want PROFESSIONAL pics & LOTS
of them!! the 1st time around, we spent...
let's see....about $125 for our entire wedding.
when we renew our vows, I want everything
we didn't have the 1st time around....
my OWN dress, REAL flowers, a PRO to
take pics, a REAL reception with dinner
& dancing, coordinating dresses for the
bridesmaids (in the color of MY choice!),
even # of girls & guys....gosh, the more I think
about it...there are a LOT of things I would
change about my wedding!! :) the only thing
I wouldn't change??? THE GROOM!!! ;)


Carla said...

That is a great aspireation! I would be there toasting you both! I hope your dream comes true!

Summer said...

I love your idea! Having a wedding is something every girl should have once in her lifetime!!! I hope you get it girly!!!