Sunday, November 18, 2007

the cowboys keep on rollin'

WOOHOO! The Cowboys won
again today!! My heart stopped
a couple of times, becuz I thought
we were gonna screw it up & lose
to the redskins. But thankfully,
that didn't happen! :)

this will be a busy week at lane
bryant, especially friday. yIkeS!
but that's okay, becuz only 10 days
left of this job & then I'm back in
an office!! :) :) :)

what a year, huh? crazy things have
happened & after being in a
single job for 7 years, I'm about to
start my THIRD job THIS year!!

life just twists & turns, doesn't it?
but i guess that's what keeps it
interesting & keeps us talking. :)


AliciaSharp said...

Hold in there girlie! You are almost there and next year is going to be your year! I can feel it!;p

Carla said...

Yep! 2008 will be all about you!