Monday, November 12, 2007

*happy news*

i'm so happy, becuz............................

we're getting another PUG puppy!!!
woohoo!!! we have totally fallen in
love with the pug family now that we
have Mr. Miyagi, and the breeder has
a puppy that didn't sell who was born
May 20th. So, WE are adding him to
OUR family!!! :) :) :) :) He's such a cutie!!
i'll post pics ASAP after we pick him up!
he really looks like a fatty! :)

any GUESSES on what we're naming the
new guy?????????????????????????????


AliciaSharp said...

Um Dallas?

Scrappy079 said...

I'm gonna say Daniel or LaRusso (aka Karate Kid). Congrats~I wanted a pug so bad and Damion said no.

Carla said...

my guess is Chozen, Sato, Toshio or Cobra Kai...I do get more than one don't I???