Thursday, November 29, 2007

tis the season

for tamales....falalalalalalalala!!!
Lica & i have successfully spread &
rolled 11 1/2 dozen tamales....139 to
be exact. ;) we've got at least that
many left to do, but we'll only finish
up the masa i made today. then tomorrow
i'll make another batch of masa to make
the rest. whew!!

then on saturday my MIL & SIL are
coming over to help us make MORE!
2 more pork roasts depending
on their size we could have another 24 dozen!!

okay, back at it....hope to finish rolling before
the cowboys play. i can't do anything but watch
the game or it drives me CRAZY! :)


Shannon said...

That sounds really good. Do you freeze them since there are so many?

Carla said...

Hot Tamales! that's a bunch!

Sarah M said...

yes, i freeze them, give them away, eat them, etc. ;) we are tamale eating FOOLS this time of year!! :)