Monday, December 17, 2007

tag, i'm it! :)

so, sarah tagged me...this is my 1st time...

seven random facts about me....i'll try to pick
things you don't already know about me:

1. I LOVE hot stuff! jalepenos, tabasco,
salsa, cayenne...if it's spicy hot, i MUST
eat it...but FRESH jalepenos are my
absolute FAVE!! i eat them with every meal
at home! :)

2. My life long dream has been to record
an album. I love to sing & even if it didn't
sell, I just wanna experience the making of it!

3. My tears flow freely! Dang if I don't cry at
everything...movies, tv commercials, when i
hear the star spangled banner....everything
seems to make me cry! My family all tease
me about it, cuz it really is extreme!

4. I started smoking in the 2nd grade! YIKES!
I have been quit for over 3 years now, though.
You have no idea how BIG of an accomplishment
that is for me! I was smoking between 2 & 3 packs
a DAY!!! I secretly LOOOOONG for a cigarette. In
fact, there doesn't seem to be a day that goes by that
i don't dream about smoking....hmmmm...only
in my dreams, though. i'll never puff for real again!

5. I am a TOTAL believer in God! I may not act like
I should, but I feel His presence almost daily. I pray
every day.

6. I chew my fingers. Yeah, you read
fingers! I knaw at them so much that they always
look like they've been through a grinder. It's really
disgusting, but I just can't seem to stop! GROSS!

7. Last random fact.....hmmmm.....currently i'm
ADDICTED to diet mt. dew!! i drink at least 6 cans
of it DAILY! This is in addition to all the coffee & water
i drink every day!! (p.s. #8 could be that I spend a LOT
of time in the bathroom! LOL!) :)

So, there you have it....7 things you never wanted to
know about me! ;)

And now, I tag........Lou!!! :)


Scrappy079 said...

OMG! We are twins in a way! The singing, the smoking (I didn't start in 2ng grade but whatev), and Andrew chews his fingers! So glad to know you better!

Carla said...

Do you think the finger chewing and the 6 cans of Mt Dew have any connection? Step away from the caffine! JK You know I love ya, grinder fingers and all!

Sarah M said...

LOL!!! Maybe you're on to something Carla! Mt. Dew, coffee....enough caffeine to power a cruise ship!! :)