Friday, January 04, 2008


so, how many times do i have to
go down this path?? good grief!
today is our official day back on
weight watchers. how long will it
last this time??? well, that depends
on if we can stay motivated.

it amazes me how unwilling people
are to admit some people are addicted
to food like junkies are addicted to
crack. seriously, it's not simply a
"mind over matter" sort of
least it's not as simple for me.

i literally go through similar withdrawal
symptoms as when i quit smoking. the
only difference? i can't quit cold turkey,
cuz i still have to eat to live! that part
sucks!! can you imagine giving a junkie
3 hits a day & telling them not to use
anymore than that? yeah,
keep putting it in your body & your
body keeps wanting more! ugh!

well, as you can tell, today i'm on my
"weight-loss sucks becuz i'm addicted
to food" kick. *roll eyes* sorry.

maybe this will be my year....again. i've
lost 75 lbs. in a year on ww in the past...
the problem? i gained it all back almost
2 times over!! *eek!*


Carla said...

I pulling for you Sarah! And her to support you in any way I can (hugs)