Sunday, January 06, 2008

keeping my mouth shut.....

is SO hard to do!! but i have been able
to tell 2 of my BFF's & my hubby & my it's all good. =)

i'm feeling a little groggy & still
stopped up today. i took sinus
meds yesterday that KNOCKED me
OUT! cold. for 4 hours! no joke. it
was pretty pathetic. i wish i wasn't
so sensitive to meds, but i am. i thought
they were non-drowsy, which is why i
took them. but after waking up & not
knowing why i was so sleepy, i read the
bottle. oh yeah, the first warning was
"may cause drowsiness". for me, that
means LIGHTS OUT within a 1/2 hour!
*roll eyes* =)

so, today i woke up, hoping to feel refreshed,
rejuvenated, renewed....nope. the red
witch made her appearance & my head's
STILL stopped up! ugh!

oh well, i still can't help but be SOOOOO
happy today!!! i've got lots of house cleaning
to do, since the kids TORE it UP while i
was snoozing & i muuuuuuuuuust SCRAP!!! =)


AliciaSharp said...

Are you hiding something? Sure sounds like it to me!!! I wanna know!!!!!!!

Carla said...

WOOHOO!!!!! Can't wait for the reveal!