Tuesday, January 08, 2008

oh, my head hurts!

yeah, that's pretty much been my
mantra for the day. my head has
been throbbing ALL day long! ick!
i think it's just the head cold i've been
fighting, but i wish it would go away.

so, today was fun, though. i got home
& had a TON of emails from the new
DT members @ USC. :-) i seriously
could kiss the creator of email. it pretty
much ROCKS! really the internet in general.

here's hoping you have a pleasant hump
day tomorrow. ;-)


Carla said...

how your headache is better today and that you Chick-Fil-A trip was worth it ;)

Sarah M said...

lol! yeah, cfa wasn't bad at all. :) and as far as the food goes, we were VERY good!! (diet wise that is) :)