Thursday, January 24, 2008

shout it out loud!!!!

i'm totally in a pout, scream, pitch a fit
mood!! seriously, i need something strong
to relax me tonite. ARGH!!!! dang, it's just
trivial stuff to some, but we almost lost one
of our pugs today....multiple times.....
it's a looooong story, but the short version is
that he & our bassett hound got out of the back
yard becuz one of our gates came open. the ups
man was kind enough to catch bud & bring him
to our house becuz he read the address on his
tag...but as for daniel-san...he ran off.

so after about an hour or so, i finally left work.
i couldn't take the thought of him being lost &
getting hit or kidnapped or whatever.

okay....this still isn't very short. let me get to the
end. we finally found him at least a mile away from
our house thanx to the tip from a passer by to the
animal shelter. then, we spent over an hour
running through parking lots & busy streets trying
to catch him. he almost got hit so many times, i
can't even count. jesse was literally running full speed
after him & would almost catch him, but then he'd dart
in front of a car & it would slow jesse down.

after almost going onto the busy interstate, he finally circled
back to a mcdonald's parking lot & pooped out. i grabbed
him & jesse was still seeing stars from running
like a mad man in the cold for that long. it was only like
20 degrees here today.

yeah, so that was an emotional experience. people
were trying to help us & were driving jesse from one
point to the next sometimes to get him through
traffic. now, i can find some humor in all of this...
now that daniel is safe at home...but jesse on the
other hand...not so much. he hates him right now &
doesn't even want to SEE him for the next few
days. yikes.

now, to top it all off, this has been one CRAZY
illness filled week with icy roads to boot. just
one mess after another & at this point i just
want a massage, long spa bath, and a strong
cup of something tasty. :) ahhhhhhh.....wishful
thinking. :)


AliciaSharp said...

You poor thing! You really have been through it today! I hope your day is better tomorrow and I am glad your dog is home safe now!

Carla said...

I am so glad both the dog and jesse made it through! I would've been frantic!

Dawn said...

Dang girl!! So glad your little guy is safe! Naughty boy!! spanky-spanky bad puggy!!!