Monday, January 28, 2008

wishful thinking?

most people who know me, know i struggle
with anxiety & depression. a part of that is
simply not being happy with who i am. by that
i mean, thinking i'm not as good as someone
else...wishing i were as well-liked as someone
else...i guess it's a form of jealousy, even though
i don't view it that way. it's just the constant feeling
of being a wife, mother, friend--even

do you ever wish you were someone else? if not,
how do you stay happy with who you are??
i'd love to hear from all you strong women out there...


AliciaSharp said...

When you get the answer please let me know cause I am the same way! Maybe we are linked somehow! ;p

Sarah M said...

i think we are...things seem to happen to us at the same time even though we live MILES away!!

Carla said...

Sarah I can tell you as you age, you get more comfortable in your own skin. No one is perfect. I heard something pretty profound today and it fits. When you think you are not good enough, don't have enough or don't give enough. Look around and think of how much worst it could be, then life looks pretty darn good! So don't dwell on what you don't have or don't feel, look at how good you got it because it could be so much worst. And BTW, I disagree, you are an awesome mom, wife and FRIEND! I can't even imagine not having you in my life after getting to know you!

Dawn said...

Sarah- you are way more special and have way more talent than you give yourself credit for. Personally I lookup to you! You're a mom with great spirit, your scrapping abilities are phenomenal, and you have an amazing support group of family and friends. Always smile! People enjoy seeing it! :)