Wednesday, February 27, 2008

just call me medicine head

dang, ya'll! i still can't get rid of these
pesky migraines! well, my doc has
now put me on a nightly pill that i take
before bedtime to help "relax" me.
so, we'll see if that works. plus i got
some more refills on the other medicine.
i'm just so tired of not feeling good. i honestly
can't remember....between my feet & my
other health issues....when i felt good,
even normal. i don't even know that
i would recognize it if it happened
becuz it's been THAT long!! years, really.
i've had my foot problems since i was
in my last trimester of pregnancy with
daniela & she's almost FIVE! that's a long

it is really taking a toll on not only me
but my family, too. and that hurts me
most. i feel like inside of me is this
"fun" , carefree, active girl.....full of energy.
but that person is trapped....a prisoner
of this pain-filled exterior.

well, i am alive & that is promising. ;)


Scrappy079 said...

I am so sorry you have been ill. I hope that the drs are able to get you on the right track! (Hugs)

Unity Stamp Company said...

Stay positive! Think Healthy. Sometimes when we are consumed with pain that is hard, but if your pinky finger feels GREAT, focus on your pinky finger. :) Without sounding like a MOTHER - TAKE VITAMINS! I swear by them. Vitamin C. That is the best, and all it can do is HELP! You will be feeling better soon. Happy Weekend!