Tuesday, February 05, 2008

super tuesday

arkansas is one of the states having
the presidential primary elections
today. interestingly, i was interviewed
by one of our newspapers on the way
out of the polling facility. it was fun,
but i hope they don't misquote me...
cuz that would suck.

on s-a-l, michele asked how we choose
who we vote for. i'm very passionate
about my right to vote & research a lot
before i cast my vote.

this time, it came down to who i trust.
simple as that. i voted for someone
who has a good track record of being
honest and doing good things for the
"average" person.

i'm curious to see the outcome here in
arkansas & across the country.


Carla said...

I agree, honesty and trust count a lot!

AliciaSharp said...

I totally agree! I always have a hard time choosing who to vote for.

Kathy said...

It was voting day in MD also. It was a hard decision and Andrew voted in his first election. Of course I forgot to take the camera!

I hope that you feel better soon. Do you possibly need glasses?