Tuesday, February 26, 2008

was today monday again??

okay, i swear today was just as hectic
& crazy as yesterday!! i thought it
MUST be monday again...guess it's
a good thing it's not! :)

have you ever received one of those
junk emails that actually "means"
something? it happened to me today.
i found myself looking at everything
very negatively & my thoughts
were all centered on me, me, me. then i got
this email that totally changed my
perspective. it made me remember
that the world doesn't revolve
around me (shocker, i know!) and that
there are so many people hurting today
from things that will not change....things
that can never change. that made
me pause, thank God for the life i have,
and go about the rest of my day with
a happier outlook!

and then i can't shake this overwhelming
of wanting so bad to help someone, and
not knowing how to go about it. have you
ever felt like that? like you're being called
to do something kind, good, whatever to
someone...but all you can do is sit back &
pray for them......send empathetic thoughts....
and that's it. you can't seem to
do anything that is going to make a
difference in their life, and you want
to badly.
funny thing is, i've never even met this
person....but they are a friend of a
friend....and it just feels like i should do

anyway, i hope that you & yours are
safe, healthy, and happy today.
peace. ~~