Wednesday, March 05, 2008

i've been tagged

iris tagged me & i have to tell you
7 random things about myself.....

here goes.....

1. i can't shop without touching
everything i see. it's crazy, because
i'll even feel the boxes & cans in the
grocery store! (no wonder my kids
don't listen when i tell them not to
touch) lol!

2. i still have the 1st scrapbook
magazine i ever bought from June 2003...
it's a CK mag & although i never look
at it anymore...i'll never part with it.
that's when my scrappy engine was
lit!! ;) i bought it while on maternity
leave with daniela. she was only
days old when i purchased it.

3. i just got a red blackberry curve &
i'm in love~~~~~ <3 i've been
drooling over this phone for quite
some time & i got an AWESOME
deal at Sam's! woohoo!

4. my husband & i have plans to
buy an RV when we retire & travel
the country on one BIG giant ROAD
TRIP!! =) (of course that's a Looooooong
ways away)

5. i used to collect Eeyores & have over
100 stuffed ones from the Disney Store.

6. i always save the fortunes from
the cookies i get at my fave chinese
restaraunt. i've used a couple on layouts,
and plan to use more. sunday when we
went, i actually got THREE in ONE cookie!
oh yeah, i hit the jackpot!! =)

7. i do not own any sort of die cutting machine....
from old to new, i've never invested in
any of them. i'm afraid i wouldn't use them
much, becuz i would never use the same
font on every layout & buying multiple
alphabets is too expensive.

so, hope you had fun learning 7 more things
about i am tagging kathy & michele! =)


iris said...

I totally laughed at number one Sarah!! Too funny! Well if it helps any, my brother when he was little would smell everything before he puts it in his mouth. haha. Thanks for doing this Sarah! Oh and good luck on your future road trip :)

AliciaSharp said...

Love your 7 random facts! You are so funny girl!