Friday, July 04, 2008

a couple of things...

i found time to create a few layouts today.
3 to be exact, but i'm holding off on showing
the 3rd one becuz i really want to submit it. :)
i just haven't found a call that it fits yet. so we'll
see. i usually just give up and post. :) i wish
submission calls weren't specific all the time!
anyway, on the 1st layout, i used some of my unity
stamps! i am in LOVE with the corner stamp!!
i totally hope that angela has some more of
those up her sleeve!! the 2nd is an old school
pic of jesse & i back in '92 less than a month
after we got married!! hard to believe we were
both so skinny!! ha!!! well, i'm off to bed now.
it's been a loooooong, but fun day. peace. xoxo