Sunday, September 14, 2008


Heritage High is a BRAND new High School
in our hometown. We now have two high schools
that will rival each other. :) Their 1st home game
was Friday nite and Angelica is in the marching band.
She plays barritone! Yep!! She is the only girl that
plays barritone at Heritage! And she is GOOOOOOD!!! :)
She beat out the boys last year to make 1st chair, and
they told her it would never happen!! Oh yeah, you
go girl!! :)

Here is their 1st performance...the video is pretty
raw and rocky, but the sound is fairly good. And if
you look closely when jesse zooms in, you can see
Lica!! :) You can also hear Daniela yelling "Lica!" and
"Where is she? Where is she? Where? I can't see!" ;)


The 1st song is Heritage High's fight song.
The 2nd is Rebel Yell by Billy Idol.

Because they got rained on during the 1st quarter,
they had to take their plumes off the hats. So normally
they don't look like that. Hopefully it won't rain again!! :)


Sarah E. said...

YAY! Congrats Lica! That rawked!!!

Carla said...

Awesome Angelica! I want to see the plumb!!! I think Angelica looks like someone that would have a plumb :)