Tuesday, November 11, 2008

on the TWILIGHT wagon!!!

okay, so i've heard angela and so many others rave about
the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer....so i became intrigued.
then i saw that the movie Twilight was coming to theaters
soon, so i bought the 1st book Sunday night.
yesterday i had the worst migraine i've had in a couple of months...
if not for that, i would already be finished with it. so i'm going to finish
it tonight. i'm already dreaming about the book and
i am totally loving edward!! LOL!! isn't that crazy???!!! :)
Lica read the 1st one on Sunday, finished it on Monday, and then read the 2nd
one yesterday, too!! she's crazy fast at reading!! so she's going to start the 3rd
book now.
i can't wait for the movie to come out, so i can take her to see it! that will be a
fun mother/daughter date nite! :)
so if you are a twilight fan, don't spoil the rest of the series for me.....but let me
know if you are as addicted as i am. i almost want to pace myself to prolong
the series since there are only 4! :)


Sarah E. said...

OMG I am totally addicted! I am going to get book 4 on Friday to read on vacation! I can't wait to see the movie either! :) What a great mother/daughter thing to do!

Jodi Clausen said...

I AM A TWILIGHT ADDICT!!!!! Thanks to all the ladies on the unity forum too!! I started book 3 WHEN some friends from work told me about midnight sun. It is TWILIGHT told from EDWARDS perspective!!!! WOW!!! IT IS GREAT!!!! BUT..... it is not finished and you can only find it on Stephenie Meyer's Blog www.stepheniemeyer.com . Hope you love it, even though it's way TOO SHORT!!!!!

Michelle (mla1111) said...

I too was intrigued by the books b/c of the unity gals... I am on book 3 - halfway through... LOVE Edward!!! cant wait to go the stephenie meyer's website to read the blurb from the 5th (Edward's version)!!! =)