Monday, November 17, 2008

wow! life throws a curve ball....

doesn't it?
i feel like someone just walked up to me and punched
me in the gut when i wasn't looking. wow.
i guess there's no way of forseeing all the blows you receive, huh?
so, i'm just going to try to concentrate on everything left that is
good in my life. that's all that should matter anyway, right?
dang. i wish i didn't invest my emotions completely in things....
it would make it easier to handle when it all falls apart.
of course, without risk there's no true pleasure found either, right?
i guess i just need a moment to catch my breath.


Lindsay Spencer said...

I hope everything is okay. Hope to see you back on here soon.

Anonymous said...

When one door closes a window opens!!!!!

Carla said...

Sarah you know I am always here for you. I so appreciate your talents and the strong support you give me both personally and on the design team. Love Ya!!