Sunday, January 18, 2009

date time!

jesse has been celebrating his b-day alllllll
weekend long! hehehe! today is the last of
it....we're going on a date today to see
the new clint eastwood movie, Gran Torino.
can't wait, becuz it looks REALLY good!
clint eastwood is such a bad mamma jamma! :)

so, jesse is now 35.....does this mean he's officially
"middle-aged"?? hmmm....well, i guess i will be
in october, too.


Sarah E. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSE! I hope y'all had fun at the movies! And didn't you know, 35 is the new 25! :)

Alicia Sharp said...

Happy late Birthday Jesse! Ya'll need to do more date nights and get out more. Hope you all had fun!!

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday Jesse! enjoy the date and the movie. Well if 35 is middle aged then I am really OLD!!