Monday, January 12, 2009

jonesin' real baaaaad!

love the realistic look of this one: love the branch going up....cuz it will go up my leg

love the color!!! these are the colors I want...with maybe a bit more low-light color as well
thought this was interesting, becuz i am putting it around kanji....but i don't like the cartoonish blossoms

love the 3D effect of this one!

okay, so here's the deal. i am wanting another
tattoo so bad i can hardly stand it!! seriously,
it's so bad i'm telling jesse he should buy me
one for HIS b-day friday! LOL!

so, here's what i'm tossin' around. i really love
cherry blossoms and i'd like to add them around
the tat i already have. but i can't find exactly
what i do you have any images of
cherry blossoms i could use??? or do you have an idea how i can
incorporate the images above into one tattoo?


Carla said...

you nut! I will see what I can find. I am sure what ever you get it will love great! Then I will be jonesin'!

Kathy said...

I am afraid I am of little help but the cherry blossoms are pretty. I remember you getting your first one. How long ago was that? '
Have a great week. You are doing great on your new eating and exercising.