Wednesday, September 02, 2009

where to begin??

tomorrow is my oldest daughter's 16th bday!
i'm having a hard time believing that is possible.....
i mean, seriously...where did the time go?
it's so cliche to say that time goes by so fast....but
there's no denying the truth in that statement.

so tomorrow i celebrate the birth of my oldest
with the 5 of us plus jimmy. last saturday we
threw her a HUGE bday bash for her friends-
dj, dinner, dancing, the whole nine yards. it turned
out really well, but not having AC in the place made
it really HOT! oh well, everyone had a great time.

here's some layouts i did a while back...always gotta
share some new craftiness. LOL!
peace xoxo


Lou said...

I hope her party went well!!!

CoreyW said...

sweet 16! wow!

love your layouts using older pictures! I need to get my hands on some of mine - my kids may appreciate it someday! lol