Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Daily News

Today I received a package from my favorite!!! Woohoo! Got the Urban Camo collection from Lil' Davis Designs. Jesse teases me about my recent infactuation with camoflauge, so I told him that if I can't wear it, at least I can scrap it! He just rolled his eyes.

My mom called this a.m. to let me know that William has made it to Iraq.....he called when he was leaving Kuwait, so now we're just waiting to hear from him in Iraq. Maybe we'll even get to find out where he's at in Iraq. Right now he can't disclose his locale.

We were going to watch King Kong tonite, but I couldn't get into it....or maybe it was that I wanted to catch up with my blog & with my gal pals @ SAL. :) Either way, I didn't feel like watching a 3 hour & 8 minute movie tonite! So, I've been online instead.

I'm hoping to scrap a lot this weekend.