Friday, March 31, 2006

Potty Training Officialy Begins

Wow! I don't remember potty training my other two kids anymore, becuz it's been way too long! So, here we are, with another kid to train. What do we do? I remember we used to have the kids leave their diaper off, so that they would have incentive to go in the "BIG" potty. We tried that on Thursday with Daniela & she HATES not having it on!! She did pee-pee THREE times in the big girl potty, though!! WAY TO GO, DANIELA!! We hooped & hollered & made a HUGE fuss over her accomplishments. I even had Daniela help me make a progress chart for her to add stickers to each time she goes. So far, she has 3 stickers. Not a bad start at all. We'll see what happens.


Valgal said...

Good luck with that training! We kept a potty seat right in the livingroom when training Eden and left her diaper-less. She'd run over and sit on it over and over... good practice!

Glad you've got a blog set up!

Preemie Mom said...

Love the blog Chick!! Way to go on the potty training!!


Sarah M said...

Thanks, valgal & preemie mom!!

We have two different potty chairs, plus the two regular hopefully between the 4, she'll never be too far from one!! LOL!

I think I'm diggin' this blog idea!! I'm part of the "cult" now!!