Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It feels like Spring!

So, it's actually feeling like Spring around here. Today, Jesse bought clippers to shave Hercules with. He worked on it for about an hour & a half before I got home. Then I took over, and worked another hour & a half...and he's still not completely done. We still have his legs, behind, belly, and head to go!! YIKES!! What a time consuming process, but at least we expected it.

Daniela seems to skip days to go potty in the potty chair. Today was her off day.

Good mail this week...yesterday I received a mug from Carla @ SAL, and Daniela received a cat from RonJon Surf Shop from my dad. Today, I received a bag of Dove chocolates from Christa @ SAL & the other 2 kids received t-shirts & a toy egg from my dad.

I think Spring is good for me, becuz I've been MUCH happier this week. My mood has been light & I'm trying to think more positively. I think my 21 day challenge should be to LOOK at things from a POSITIVE perspective!!