Wednesday, April 05, 2006

American Idol

My family & I are addicted to American Idol. This is the 5th season, and the winner will be the 5th "idol". I just can't seem to figure out the voting this year. It seems that every other week, someone in the bottom 3 is a SHOCK! But this week, I didn't expect ANY of the bottom 3 to be there!!! And then, even worse, Mandisa got sent home!!!! :( :( :(

I LOVE Mandisa! She has such a soulful & powerful voice, and she is a Christian. She always professes her faith in Jesus Christ, week after week. Unfortunately, that's probably one of the reasons she was voted out. It's not popular, but she will blessed for her outspoken faith.

I just KNOW that someone will give her a contract & I really hope she does a gospel CD!!!