Monday, August 21, 2006

So hard to keep up with this.....

Well, more than a month has passed, and I'm finally writing a bit in my blog. :rolleyes: I guess that's what happens when you spend all your computer time reading other people's blogs & posting on SAL!! LOL! Oh well, I enjoy my time @ SAL...those crazy gals are my friends!! :)

I'm sure lots of things have happened since my last post....let's see....

Daniela is FINALLY potty trained!!! WOOHOO!!! YIPPEE!!! Although, I shouldn't say "FINALLY" as if we had been trying that hard before, becuz we weren't. But once Jesse decided he was going to get her trained before she goes back to Miss Patsy's, it was a breeze! It's such a relief not to buy pull-ups twice a week anymore!! YEA, DANIELA!

On August 11-13th, we went to Tulsa for the CKC scrapbook convention! This was a 1st for me, and let me tell you, it was an AWESOME experience!! I took 5 classes & went to the Friday nite crop!! I had some AWESOME teachers, but my FAVE was Kara Wylie for Heidi Swapp!! She was so much fun & an awesome teacher!! Besides that, HS creates my absolute fave line of scrappin' products!! :)

School started today....Lica is in her 1st year of Jr. High, and Jesus is in his last year of elementary! I took their pics this a.m., and it's CrAzY how grown up they look...especially Lica! My babies aren't looking like babies anymore!! :( *sniffle*