Monday, December 04, 2006


Tonite was our town's Christmas parade, and Lica's band marched in the parade. She looked sooo cute! I was so proud of her, and I missed snapping her picture so Jesse SPRINTED down the sidewalk to get ahead of them & took a pic of her for me! That was a priceless moment! What a proud papa! ;) He loves that she is following his footsteps....she is playing the trumpet like he did, and in fact, is using HIS trumpet!

Well, the only downside to the parade (besides it being pretty hokey!) was that is was so freakin' cold out there!! BRrrrrrrrr!!! It was that cold that chills you to the bone & when you start to thaw out in the heat, your extremities start burning & hurting from the defrosting process! OUCH! BRrrrrrrr....that's all I can say!


Anonymous said...

Shannon, LOOOOOVE your new slideshow!!! That Shannon chick from SAL rocks!! And so do you!!!! ;)