Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Daniela + Santa = BFF

Okay, so I had no idea that Daniela would be sooooo outgoing when it comes to SANTA! She was CRACKING us up tonite! We took her to meet Santa & could have NEVER planned a BETTER evening for her!

First of all,
We get there & they were having a special
"Cookies & Storytime with Santa"....so they
gave everyone cookies & milk & told them
to sit around the fireplace to listen to the story.
Well, Santa was sitting @ the "front" with the
story-reader & Daniela was about to BUST from
excitement! So, as she was walking by him to
find a seat on the floor, he motioned her over to him....
She ended up sitting on Santa's lap throughout the WHOLE
storytime!! It was AWESOME!!! She had the BEST time,
probably of her whole little life tonite & said she was Santa's
*special friend*!! HOW STINKIN' CUTE!!

After storytime, we went to get something to eat &
then brought her back for the *official* Santa's laptime.
She was such a little ham...she talked poor Santa's ear off
& then whispered..."I wanna show you my dance moves
I learned in ballet class." Okay...what the heck was she talking
about??? She's NEVER been in ANY type of dance class EVER!

So, she proceeds to dance & twirl all around Santa's *area*, while
he watched her & smiled. He was a great sport! What a magical
evening for Daniela! I hope she never forgets it! :)