Thursday, April 19, 2007

*i am blog challenged*

Okay, so on my favorite site....
Scrap-A-Latte....Veronica is posting
a weekly blog challenge. This is a
SUPA idea, becuz I need help blogging!

This week's prompt: List all the things
that have happened to you ONLY ONCE
in your entire lifetime! WOW! This is
a tough one....i think I'll be coming back
to edit this often. :)

Here goes:

1. Married ONCE
2. Lived outside of Arkansas ONCE
3. Visited Sea World ONCE
4. Played a boy in a play ONCE
5. Flew in a 6 seater plane ONCE
6. Gone to Mexico ONCE
7. Flew out of the U.S. ONCE
8. Hyperventilated during a basketball game ONCE
9. Saw the Thunderbirds ONCE
10. Was a page for the state of Arkansas at the National Republican Women's Committee ONCE
11. Took the kids to Orlando ONCE
12. Visited the Houston Space Center ONCE
*edited to add more*
13. Had a C-section ONCE
14. Interviewed a football coach ONCE
15. Sang off-key while performing at someone else's wedding ONCE (and still managed to get paid, even though i tried to refuse....i am still horrified by this experience....but they claimed i covered it well)
16. Got paid $500 for singing 2 songs ONCE
17. Forgot the lyrics while I was singing to my husband on our wedding day ONCE
18. Wrote a letter to President Reagan ONCE
19. Took a private-after hours tour of the White House & West Wing ONCE (just Jesse, my dad, and me)
20. Snapped an illegal picture of the Presidential quarters ONCE (shhhhhh.....)
21. Kept my cousin's pregnancy a secret ONCE
22. Wrote letters to the editor under an alias ONCE (until my mom caught me & made me stop)
23. Had a job as a radio announcer ONCE
24. Faked an injury to get out of line drills during b-ball practice ONCE (coach found out & boy did i pay!)
25. Filed for unemployment ONCE


Okay....more to come.


Shannon said...

Good list. Think I'd like to hear the hyperventilated story! LOL

Preemie Mom said...

That's a pretty good list, LOL! I know it's a tough one isn't it!Thanks for playing along