Tuesday, April 24, 2007

*if only i had 3 wishes*

so, what if i rubbed a rusted
brass oil bottle? do you think
a genie would appear & grant
me 3 wishes? if so, what would
i wish for? wealth? fame?

i know you have to be careful
what you wish for, becuz you
don't always like what you get.

so, after careful consideration,
here's what i would wish for.....

1. Good health for me & my loved ones

2. Enough money to pay off my house

3. The power to FORGET!!

so, there you have it. nothing too flashy,
but boy would it make my life easier! :)


Summer said...

Great wishes!!! This would make a great page too!!! I love how you write! So creative!!

Preemie Mom said...

awesome wishes! You're right you have to be careful what you wish for :)

Cas said...

I have to say I LOVE your pages. Thy are awesome.

Thanks so much for your comments the other day on the IM'ing issue. It helped a ton. :)