Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's MY day....Mother's DAY! ;)

can i just say that i LOVE being
a mom?? well, most of the time,
anyway. sure, there are those
moments....the kids screaming at
each other....the sound of toys flying
across the room....doors slamming...
tempers flaring....the cries for "Mahhhm!"

but aside from all these moments.....the
thrill of knowing i can make a difference
in 3 people's lives is exhilirating! it makes
me smile to know that the happy
times *usually* out-weigh the
crazy madness....and that one day i'll
long to hear those screams when
the house is quiet & still.

happy mom's day to each of you who
are mothers! kiss your kids more than
once today & let them know you are
thankful to be their mom! :)

my kids did the sweetest thing for me
this morning.....they made me heart shaped
waffles & hazelnut coffee! Mmmmm....
and the BEST part??? it was actually
edible this year! LOL! the kids are finally
getting old enough to make delicious
things for me, instead of gross-looking
concoctions that a dog wouldn't even eat!
oh, this is just another joy of motherhood! ;)