Monday, May 07, 2007

it's been a while

since i've blogged...just to blog. :)
so, i thought i'd do it today.

the kids are getting anxious for
school to get out, but becuz of
snow days it will be JUNE 6!

lica & little man have both
improved their grades over the
last 4 weeks. i hope that trend
continues & that they will end
the year with great averages!
*fingers crossed*

found out the other day that
my dad is going to be here
May 27th- June 4th. that will
be cool, becuz he'll be able to
be at daniela's 4th birthday party!
she is so excited to have him
here & she thinks he's going
to buy her ALL of her b-day
presents! LOL!

speaking of daniela's b-day.
she still hasn't decided what theme
she wants to have. it changes *literally*
by the minute! she's gone back &
forth between the LITTLE MERMAID,

i'm ruling out Dora for her, becuz
she had that theme last year.
the others i'm cool with, if she would
JUST DECIDE already! :)

i've got to set up her annual photo
shoot @ bedford's....but jesse
wants me to take her pics. the problem
is she cooperates better
with someone else. *rolleyes*
and, it's become an annual tradition.

time to clean my house....i've been
scrapping instead....oops! ;)