Saturday, May 19, 2007

poor, daniela :(

poor, baby girl. she's been sick off & on
for the last week. we thought she was
doing better, but then she started coughing
& having a runny nose yesterday. still, no
fever again, so we thought everything
was going ok....until now. she has been
screaming & crying off & on for the past
couple of hours becuz her right ear is hurting.
she's had problems with ear infections in
the past, so i'd be very surprised if she
doesn't have an ear infection. the problem
is that we can't take her to the dr. until
monday!! so, in the meantime, we're trying
to ease the pain with numbing drops &
children's tylenol. i hate feeling helpless, but
so far nothing we do is phasing her pain.

poor thing!