Friday, June 01, 2007


yeah, so baby girl's 4th b-day
is coming up & we're having her
party on saturday...which is technically
tomorrow since it's after midnite!

so, j & i went shopping tonite for her
gifts...that's always so much fun! i love
shopping for my kids! so, we bought
some cool stuff for her & ordered
her b-day cake....her theme??
HELLO KITTY! she's never seen
hello kitty, except in magazines &
in the stores....she doesn't even own
anything hello kitty....but for some
reason she was convinced that she
HAD to have a hello kitty party. the ironic
part is that she only wanted TWO things
for her birthday..."a cinderella dress that
is just my size" & "a cinderella doll".....notice
there was no mention of anything related
to hello kitty or any other kitty for that
matter. LOL! oh, kids....gotta love 'em! ;)

if you didn't check out my pics from the
eagles concert, go do it!! they are soooo
cool!! :)