Saturday, June 09, 2007


i just noticed that this is my 100th blog
post! yay, me! i'm finally starting to blog
more frequently, so we'll see how many
more i have by next year this time! ;)

only 2 more days until weigh-in!! oh,
i'm sooooo excited!! i can't wait to see
how much lighter i am! :)

i've been feelin' a little hungry for
snack food today...but i'm being strong!
the kids even had ice cream earlier, but
not me...nope! i'm staying on the straight
& narrow...absolutely NO cheating!! and,
i'm finally starting to drink more water than
diet coke!! i'm limiting myself to ONE diet
coke a day, and usually by nite time i'm
realllllllllly craving one!

guess that's it for now...jesse's working, i'm
scrapping, and the kids are playing....peacefully,
for now. :)


Scrap-A-Latte said...

You can do it Sarah...We can do it together!