Friday, June 08, 2007

friday, again!

yep! it's friday...the beginning of the weekend.
although, my days have been all messed up
since the kids got out of school on wednesday.
i kept thinking THAT was friday...not today!

so, this is day #5 on sbd, and i'm proud of
myself...absolutely NO cheating!!! this is the
best i've done on a diet in a LOOOONG time!!
i can't wait to see how much i've lost on monday!

well, the kids' summer break has begun &
so has the fighting....little man just slapped
his baby i grounded him until monday
from his phone & d.s. i sent him to his room & told
him not to slam his door...well, about 3 minutes
later this "BOOM" sounded & it was him slamming
his door after i told him not to!! oh no he din't!
now he's grounded for an entire week...doesn't
pay to misbehave!