Tuesday, June 19, 2007

introducing......MR. MIYAGI-SAN

okay....so i've wanted a pug for as long
as i can remember, but we already had
3 dogs....no way i could afford another one.
we started having more problems with
hercs & none of the kids would go outside
with him, becuz he was quite the bully. i, of
course, knew this for a very long time, but
kept making excuses for him....it's hard
to admit that you made a mistake in picking
a family pet. :( so, finally, i admitted it....and
we gave hercs to one of jesse's friends.
so, we tossed around the idea of getting another
dog. finally, we decided to look for a pug. shortly
after, we had made an awesome deal with a breeder
to sort-of barter most of the cost....and ouila! we now
have Mr. Miyagi-san!!! :) :) :)

he's the cutest little pug ever!!! :) don't you agree??? ;)


Summer said...

OMG he is just the cutest I just want to munch on him!

Lou said...

I want a pug too!!! He is just way too cute and I love his name!!!

~*Michele*~ said...

AWWW!!!! He is too cute!!!!
Can't wait to see the puppy layouts :)

Preemie Mom said...

awwww what a cutie patootie!!

Carla said...

OMG! What a little cutey, can you bring him with you to Chicago? We can get a little SAL shirt for me :)