Monday, June 11, 2007

*unpubbed layouts*

the layout on the unpubbed site so

inspired me that i couldn't create
just one layout....i had to do two! ;)

{boogie} is fun for me, becuz i love
watching my daughter dance. she's
so funny! :) the journaling reads,
"It's appropriate that one of daniela's
fave songs is "boogie wonderland"...
she loves to boogie! When she got her
new princess kicks, she just had to groove!"

lil' mama just seemed so appropriate
for my baby girl who loves to play
"mama" to all her stuffed animals,
barbies, dolls, and even ME! :)
journaling says, "The only gift daniela
wanted for Christmas- Baby Alive.
She's such a good lil' mama....look at her
comforting baby by rocking her & saying
'shhhhh'." :)


camport said...

Aw. See? This is why I need a girl{I have 2 boys}!

Great lo's, both of 'em.

Thanks for playing, Chrissy

Cheryl Wray said...

Those are both just a bsolutely adorable!! I love how you used the flowers and the bling!

Kimberly White said...

Love your layouts! Cool that you did two! Thanks for playing with us at Unpubbed! Kim