Sunday, June 24, 2007

who matters most?

i was challenged to blog about the person
that has impacted my life the most. i've
had so many people whose lives have crossed
paths with mine.

but only ONE has profoundly changed me,
loved me unconditionally, given me the
courage to face my demons, supported me
in searching for my biological father, cried
with me when there were no words left
to be said, held me when i couldn't stand
on my own, breathed with me while i was
experiencing the worse pain of my life,
reminded me to not take life so seriously,
laughed with me when that was the only
medicine left to try, stood by me when i
was the most horrible emotional wreck
imaginable, and is more to me than i
ever knew i husband, jesse.

i love you, babe! forever isn't even long enough
with you! xoxoxoxo


Carla said...

Aww, now that one made me cry! Can't wait to meat Jesse and see you again in 3 weeks!