Tuesday, June 26, 2007

ramblings of a busy day

so, I woke up earlier than i wanted....
did some work....
went to see 1408 with jesse, becuz we
had some malco movie certificates! it
was an awesome stephen king movie...and
the ending didn't suck like most of his movies
do....no weird spider or some other
odd creature at the end!! lol!! :)

very intense for me....but very good.
i just love john cusack....he's a great actor.
and the little part by samuel l. jackson?
well, it goes without saying, he's the man!

then, i came home to a HUGE check i've
been waiting on to pay off our credit cards
came in, so we did a tiny bit of
shopping tonite to celebrate. the kids each got
a little dough to spend. little man & baby girl
each spent there's on a video game.
lica & i bought some killer shoes at payless....
she bought two pair for $10....and i bought 6 pair
for $14.84!! Oh, yeah, baby....thrifty shopper here!!!:)

so, now i'm home & after walking a lot today,
i'm pooped! heading to bed early....it's 12:19 a.m.
yep. that's early for me.....i normally stay up until